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Millking Rice Huller No 2

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Millking Rice Hullers & Polishers - No. 2, 4 & 8

These machines are specially arranged for use in countries where the outer husk only is to be removed from the rice and also for use large mills in which the paddy is hulled before passing to the Combined Finishing Huller and Polishers. The iron legs are suitable for accommodating a screw conveyor for carrying the Hulled Rice to the finishing machines. Both the models of the machine are fitted with ball bearings and all parts subject wear and tear by the abrasion of rice and paddy are specially hardened.

Millking Rice Hullers only (with / without stand) - No. 2, 8 & 4

No. 2
  Output of Cleaned Rice / Hr from Rice (Kgs.)
225 / 300
  Output of Cleaned Rice / Hr from Shelled Rice (Kgs.)
500 / 600
  Size of Driving Pulley
12" x 6"
  Speed in RPM
700 / 800
  Power Required - BHP
12 / 14

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